You can't beat a game of golf in the sunshine but what are the options for playing safe in the sun when sun protection is your top priority?

We all look forward to those long summer days when our opportunities to play a round of golf increase and we can top up our vitamin D levels. However, if you are someone who either needs to, or chooses to, be extra cautious in the sun then you'll be glad to know that there are a wide variety of clothing options now available that offer a degree of sun protection.

In this episode of our Golf Fashion Insights series we discuss the importance of sun protection and how golf wear designed to help protect against the sun's rays can keep us playing in comfort for longer. Watch the video below or keep on reading for all the "hot" tips!

If sun protection is a priority for you when you're choosing your golf wear then be sure to keep a look out for this being detailed in our product descriptions. If you can’t see it mentioned, then it hasn’t been qualified as having sun protection by the brand in question so you may prefer to seek an alternative item.

UPF / UV protection ratings typically range from 30 to 50+ but what exactly does that mean in clothing terms? When garments are identified as having sun protection this indicates that the fabric has been engineered to absorb or reflect a high percentage of harmful sun rays it is not however a substitute for using sunscreen. Always use a combination of both when seeking maximum protection.

There is an abundance of golf tops and legwear with sun protection to choose from this season. Dependent on whether you prefer statement prints like this Dappled Ocean design from Pure or a softer pastel print from Nivo or this plain top from Puma Golf, then you’ll find there are lots to choose from.

The added benefit of a zip neck top is that it can be fastened all the way up, increasing protection around the neck area.

Of course if you’re not a fan of long sleeves but still need the coverage then you can always combine a short sleeve polo with these Rohnisch sun protection sleeves with UPF50. Super-comfy and easy to remove, they provide a secure fit thanks to the double jersey fabric and the silicone taping inside seams that ensures they stay in place.

With legwear options such as these 7/8 trousers from Puma also offering sun protection then your legs are, quite literally, covered too!

Lastly, we’d recommend keeping a sunhat in your bag. They're always on-trend and offer fantastic coverage for the back of your neck. This sun hat from adidas with its wide brim has been a firm hit this season - providing maximum coverage for your head, face and neck and with an adjustable cord so you can be sure of a secure fit.

With so many options available this season, it's great to know that we can enjoy topping up our vitamin D levels whilst keeping ourselves sun-safe. All we need now is for the sun to come out so that we can start booking those tee times!