Whether you're new to golf or falling back in love with it after a break, what are the must-have pieces you need to get started?

Why do you need golf clothing at all? Surely, polos and trousers all do the same thing don't they? In short, no - not all clothing is equal when it comes to sports. Golf is a game of repetitive action, some rounds more than others – so tailoring and fabric quality are key.

Watch our video, part of our Golf Fashion Insights series, with Emma Ballard from Women and Golf as we discuss the best ways to create the fundamentals of a golf wardrobe or read on below for lots of fabulous ideas to get you out onto the fairways in the best clothing...

When you’re new to any sport, you don’t need to go all out and buy a whole new wardrobe however, in the same way that you wouldn’t run without appropriate shoes and clothing, there are certainly a handful of pieces we recommend investing in to ensure optimum comfort out on the fairway.

The first is at least one good quality golf top. Dependent on your style preference, there are lots to choose from at a variety of price points. Regardless of style, they all benefit from expert tailoring that prevents restriction of movement whilst still providing a feminine silhouette. Precise seam placement around arm-holes reduces the possibility of rubbing and the specialist fabric prevents static build up that can cause the fabric to cling in all the wrong places. Length is also key – your top should be long enough to allow for how far it will naturally lift when swinging the club so there’s no worry about showing off your midriff! Take a look at the classic collar polo shown in aqua, from FootJoy.

The second must-have we recommend is good legwear. There are a multitude of options such as golf skorts, shorts, capris through to full length trousers however if you want just one piece that can cross-over between seasons then a lightweight trouser that is cool enough for the summer and can be layered under waterproofs in the winter, is a good choice.

They're cool enough for sunnier days whilst still providing good coverage if you play in more inclement weather.

Precise tailoring around the hips and waistband ensures optimum, sustainable, comfort and fit to accommodate the continual twisting action from the golf swing whilst the high quality, fit-for-purpose stretch fabrics means there’s no baggy knees from repeatedly bending down to place or pick-up your ball.

Check out the best selling pair from Callaway as shown, with pull on waistband and supremely comfortable stretch fit.

Having a lightweight layer to combat changing temperatures is also a good idea. Something wind resistant in a soft-stretch, breathable fabric is perfect for providing added protection and ideal for rolling up and keeping in your golf bag - always on standby for when you need to reach for it.

This essential is cool enough for warmer, breezy days when you just want to take the edge off but equally effective at helping to lock in warmth by trapping air between layers when you need to finish your round as the temperature dips.

Last but not least is a pair of golf shoes – your feet will thank you for this one. Golf is demanding on the feet – not just because of the distance you will cover in 4 hours but because of the way the feet need to support your body as you swing through the ball. Providing essential lateral support, stability and specialised grip that only a golf shoe can provide – this is one golfing essential you should not compromise on. You can check out the waterproof, spikeless pair from FootJoy here.

And as we are all too aware, regardless of the season, rain is always a possibility so it's good to know there are a wide range of waterproof styles available too.