It's the summertime neutral that we admire so much on everyone else, so why do we get nervous wearing it ourselves?

There's something distinctly stylish about wearing white legwear in the summer so why do we feel we need to be brave when it comes to donning this one neutral shade that can crisply elevate navy or black and provide the perfect pairing for showcasing your brightest sunshine shades?

In this week’s episode of our GolfGarb Fashion Insights Series we're talking to Emma from Women & Golf about how to gain greater confidence when striding out on the fairway in white this season.

Check out the video below to see why embracing white legwear is a stylish step forward...

Aside from the obvious caution with trying to avoid wayward marking, there's also a tendency to feel a little more ‘exposed’ in white legwear.

It somehow feels 'safer' to lean towards darker shades – after all, they’re perceived to be more slimming aren’t they? But is that really true? Not always...

Without exception, the secret to achieving your most flattering look is getting the sizing and thus the fit, right for the style you want.

For the majority of us, a less fitted style is generally more flattering when it comes to wearing white legwear. However, if fitted is your style of choice then going up a size will still give you the slim-fit look you desire without the tell-tale clinginess that we’d rather avoid.

The other consideration of course, lies beneath the surface - let's talk underwear. Designed to be worn and not seen, the worry with white could be that of show-through.

But there's good news here - overall the fabric that the golf brands are now using have a thicker weave. And with various tailoring tricks, such as nude coloured pocket linings being more widely tailored into the designs, then our worries about show-through are significantly reduced.

So with all that in mind which look are you drawn towards trying first?

If it's timeless good looks you're going for then you can't fail to impress by pairing navy with white. The Puma soft-stretch high rise capris with UPF 40 shown above are the ideal choice for long summer days and work perfectly with either a short sleeve or long-sleeve UV protection top such as this navy zip-neck top with UPF 50+ from Puma.

Alternatively, if you're excited to add a splash of colour to your outfit then the sky's the limit as absolutely everything goes with white.

You might like to start gently with some soft pastel shades like this super-chic floral print zip-neck top from Puma, or embrace your animal instinct with this Daily Sports mesh polo in its subtle, yet apparent, all-over blue and black leopard print design. The print is neatly sized and just right for distorting any show-through from the lightweight fabric. If however you are in any way worried about that, simply pop a camisole underneath for a ‘belt and braces’ approach.

A contrasting or tonal blend of a single colour like this ocean-inspired print design long sleeve top from Pure Golf is equally stylish. As too is the simple impact of a single sunshine shade such as this fresh mint sleeveless polo with UPF 50+ from Nivo.

As you can see there's so much to love about putting those nerves aside and taking your turn at being the envy of your friends this season.

It's time to make white the new black!