At GolfGarb we are a small team focussed on the quality of what we do.

Though we don't manufacture the clothing we sell, we build strong relationships with our brands, which enables us to discuss their environmental products and processes with them and understand their goals. 

The Brands We Stock

There are a variety of approaches and stages reached in environmental policy by each brand, but what is consistent are great intentions. The use of recycled materials within collections is becoming standard, which should be celebrated.

Whilst browsing our fabulous collections, keep an eye out for the following eco-ranges and technologies. We will always list them in our product descriptions and fabric information:

adidas - adidas are achieving huge things in their eco drive. You'll be hard pressed to find items that don't contain recycled polyester in their recent collection. This is derived from reclaimed ocean plastic (PRIMEBLUE), and reclaimed general plastics (PRIMEGREEN).

Callaway Apparel - Recycled polyester content was introduced for SS21. As a business, their objective is to feature a minimum of 30% recycled fabrics in bottoms and 25% in tops.

Daily Sports - Their sustainability goals reach far beyond the clothing and they are making great progress towards their targets for all areas of the business.

Galvin Green - Perpetual (yarn created from recycled bottles) appears in their Insula range. The majority of their clothing is Bluesign® approved, ensuring it is manufactured in a responsible and sustainable manner. Click here for more information on Bluesign®. A number of their waterproofs also utilise a PFC free water repellent treatment. The OEKO-TEX 100 rating, similar to the Bluesign system, gives you certainty that every component has been tested and cleared for harmful substances and works above basic international standards. Find out more here. This has brought the new Ventil8 PLUS polos into the sustainable mix.

Green Lamb - From 2021 onwards the focus has been to encompass Organic Cotton, BCI cotton, Recycled Polyester and mixes of all these fabrics, to achieve a higher percentage of sustainable garments across the collections.

Röhnisch - Their goal is to use 100% sustainable fabrics by 2025. Look out for the logo indicating the item is from their Sustainable Choice Range (Recycled polyester, recycled polyamide, Econyl, organic cotton, biodegradable membrane (laminate), 100% fluorocarbon-free, RDS down standard). Even the hangtags are made with recycled paper and printed with soy-based ink. They apply this world-supporting approach across their business, from transportation to work with a charity in India.

If you would like to learn more about the sustainable policies adopted by some of our key brands you can read on here...


From GolfGarb HQ To You - What We Can All Do

We strive to offer quality clothing that performs on the course, looks great and lasts the test of time. The greatest responsibility we have is to ensure that the clothing we offer provides you with as many years of happy wearing as possible, and doesn't become part of the 'throw-away fashion' industry.

Here are our top tips...

To avoid product returns and the footprint this creates, we work very hard to provide advice on our site and over the phone through our lovely dedicated team. If you are at all unsure about fit, style or materials, we would always rather hear from you and be able to pass on our knowledge and advice, than you have to return an item to us. If there is any information you would like to see on our site that you cannot find, please do let us know.

Please pop your grey postal bag into the recycling. It is made of recycled LDPE 4 plastic and is recyclable with carrier bags (usually at your local large supermarket).

Once you've received your fabulous new golf attire, look after it well and be environmentally aware when washing. Here are some top tips (many courtesy of the lovely Daily Sports), for caring for your clothes so they last longer, and for washing clothes with the environment in mind.

Consider washing them less frequently - To make clothes last longer, allow them to air or give them a brush, and remove small marks with a damp cloth

If possible, use the eco-wash cycle on your washing machine and wash at a low temperature. The washing instructions for clothing indicate the maximum temperature to use, however, you can often get them clean with a cooler wash. You will find the CleverCare logo on the care label of Röhnisch products to remind you!

Consider using an eco-labelled detergent, free from phosphates and optical brighteners and reduce your fabric softener use. Many of the materials and finishes used in golf and other sportswear will lose performance when washed with softener. The care label in many cases will direct you but as a rule of thumb, if it is a synthetic based material or offers sweat wicking or other technologies, you are best avoiding softener as it will reduce their efficiency. Fabric softener also releases chemicals into the water so any reduction in use is a good thing!

Do not under or overfill the washing machine and avoid tumble dryers
An overfilled washing machine does not clean properly. A half-empty one wastes energy. Tumble dryers use a lot of energy and subject clothes to unnecessary wear.

You'll also find some fab advice from Röhnisch here.

If your clothing has finally reached the end of it's time in your wardrobe please remember it may be the last you see of it (unless a lucky friend is benefitting!), but it continues it's time on this planet. Gift it to charity, set up a clothes exchange with friends, or recycle it.

Unsure whether it is recyclable or keen to discover more options for your clothing's next life? - Ethical Consumer have some great ideas here - courtesy of Lynn Wilson from the University of Glasgow: 

Thank you for taking the time to read about sustainability in the golf clothing industry. Together everyone can make a difference.