Choosing the right trousers for golf

With so many golf trouser choices now available it’s hard to know where to begin. In fact, you might be asking the question as to whether you need golf trousers at all but can you really expect your favourite everyday trousers to stay the course when hitting the fairway?

Trousers are not unique to golf however the demands of golf are unique to how you need your trousers to perform.

Although your favourite walking trousers or chinos may look the part on the course – can they meet the demands of the game? The twisting motion alone of swinging the club requires precise tailoring around the hips and waistband to ensure optimum, sustainable, comfort and fit. Most of us will be taking a least 36 full swings in a round (I wish it were only 36 on a par 72 golf course with greens in regulation hit!). Then consider the myriad of times you’ll find yourself testing the comfort of the fit and the quality of the fabric – whether it’s the 18 times you’re bending down to place your ball on the tee; 18 times to lift up the tee; the (minimum) 36 times that you are bending over your putter to hole your ball and then lift it out again – it’s no wonder this is all too much to ask of our everyday legwear.

Now add to this the need for your trousers to maintain their shape and style. Styled in high quality, fit-for-purpose stretch fabrics, your golf trousers are specifically designed to maintain their shape and appearance despite the increased demands on the knee and bottom regions that your golf game will create. Baggy knees are not the look we hanker for!

So, with all that in mind – where to start? It all begins with personal taste. Start by answering the question below and we will guide you towards a range of styles that suit your needs.