With golf tops now available in a range of sleeve lengths, we explore which ones look the best.

When it comes to golf tops, there are now a wide variety of sleeve options available. Gone are the days when we were limited to just sleeveless or short sleeve - there's now so many styles to choose from that it can be tricky deciding which one is best.

Watch Episode 3 of our Golf Fashion Insights with Women & Golf below. We chat arm and shoulder coverage to help you find the perfect solution for your golf season. Or you can read on to explore the exciting options...

If you are in any way sensitive about your arms then you may want to switch things up with either a half sleeve or ¾ length sleeve.

By stopping at the elbow, a half sleeve polo falls to a natural break, giving the illusion of elongating the arm.

This white Daily Sports polo is a lovely example of how contrast panelling from the raglan shoulders through to the elbow has a wonderfully flattering effect.

However, if you prefer a solid colour then several brands have some really lovely polos in a half sleeve style to choose from like this gorgeous hot pink style from FootJoy.

If you like a little more coverage but don’t want to go to a full sleeve in the summer then a ¾ length sleeve is the answer.

A ¾ sleeve length is considered to be one of the most universally flattering lengths owing to the fact that it leaves one of the slimmest parts of our body, our wrists, exposed. Who knew!

Conversely, if you prefer the airy tan potential of a sleeveless style then you may like to switch things up with a cap sleeve polo.

It's a perfect alternative – especially for those times when you may have caught just a little too much sun on the very tops of your arms.

You’ll find some really lovely styles across all the brands this season. We particularly like this refreshing mint green with fine cross stitch detailing from Nivo.

Notice how the cap sleeve just skims the very top of the arms for a little extra protection from the sun.

Ultimately it boils down to personal preference – with so
many options available, the tricky thing is deciding which one you like best. Decisions, decisions...!