I love playing golf in the summer but I have to be extremely cautious in the sun. What can I wear that will protect me without causing me to get over-heated?

With a round of golf taking upwards of 4 hours I think this is a concern that we are all increasingly aware of during the summer months and trips away. Thankfully, this is an aspect that the golfwear brands are actively addressing. We have certainly seen an uplift in the number of clothing options available that offer a degree of UPF protection in recent years.

In this episode of our Golf Fashion Insights series we discuss the importance of sun protection and how golf wear designed to help protect against the sun's rays can keep us playing in comfort for longer. Watch the video below or keep on reading for all the "hot" tips!

The key point here is to look out for clothing that is clearly identified as having UPF protection – which typically ranges from 30 to 50+ You will find this information clearly detailed in the product descriptions on our website so be sure to check. If you can’t see it mentioned, then it hasn’t been qualified as having UPF protection by the brand in question so I would recommend selecting an alternative item.

When garments are identified as having UPF protection this means that the fabric has been engineered to absorb or reflect a high percentage of harmful sun rays it is not however a substitute for using sunscreen. You should always use a combination of both for maximum protection.

There is an abundance of golf tops and legwear with UPF protection to choose from this season. Dependent on whether you prefer statement prints like the Dappled Ocean design shown above from Pure or something more paired back like the softer pastel print from Nivo or a plain top from Puma Golf, both shown above, then you’ll find there are lots to choose from.

Something with a zip neck is also ideal as you have the option to close this to the top to increase protection around your neck area.


There are also a range of legwear options to choose from with UPF protection so whether you prefer to go for maximum coverage with a 7/8 trouser like this one from Puma (show Puma 7/8 trouser) or a shorter option such as a capri, city short of skort, there is no lack of choice here either.

Lastly, we’d recommend keeping a sunhat in your bag. They're really on-trend and offer coverage for the back of your neck. The sun hat from adidas shown above is great because it has a wide brim, giving maximum coverage for your head, face and neck and has an adjustable cord for a secure fit – always helpful😊